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… stands for peripheral capillary oxygen saturation, an estimate of the amount of oxygen in the blood. More specifically, it is the percentage of oxygenated haemoglobin (haemoglobin containing oxygen) compared to the total amount of haemoglobin in the blood (oxygenated and non-oxygenated haemoglobin).




If a pulse ox measured your blood oxygen level (SpO2), a normal reading is typically between 95 and 100 percent. A below-normal blood oxygen level is called hypoxemia. Hypoxemia is often cause for concern. The lower the oxygen level, the more severe the hypoxemia. This can lead to complications in body tissue and organs. The optional available “Exagon Sense“ of the iMRS prime is capable of indicating the SpO2 value during an application using a so-called photoplethysmographic sensor.

HRV – Heart Rate Variability

Heart rate variability (HRV) is an accurate method to assess autonomic nervous system function. Thus, HRV analysis is widely used in different applications including (but not limited to) health science research, stress and wellbeing (including occupational stress) studies, and exercise and recovery monitoring.

Heart Rate (HR) is the number of heartbeats per minute. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is the fluctuation in the time intervals between adjacent heartbeats. HRV concerned with analyzing the intervals between heart beats, which are called inter-beat intervals (IBIs).

Monitor Yourself!

iMRS prime together with Exagon Sense dynamically regulates the applied field intensity subject to the variation of the user’s HRV during the application. In addition, the iMRS prime is recording the data. The application files can be downloaded and utilized for further analyzes.

Monitor Yourself!

Analyze Yourself!

Kubios HRV software is the gold standard in heart rate variability analysis software for scientific research and professional use. Kubios HRV Standard is a freeware HRV analysis software for non-commercial personal use. Kubios HRV is developed by an experienced team of medical physicists from Kuopio, Finland. The first version of Kubios HRV was released in 2004 and the software has been used in over 800 scientific studies by now. iMRS prime HRV data are 100% compatible with Kubios!

Evaluate Yourself!

Exagon Sense in combination with KUBIOS can be utilized as a monitoring unit to observe and assess the autonomic nervous system and evaluate improvements together with iMRS prime applications over time!

Evaluate Yourself!
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